Dresser Plan

I get many requests for my modifications to Patrick’s Beach Cottage Dresser as shown in this post.  I finally decided to spend some time modeling it in SketchUp so that I wouldn’t have to keep distributing my hand drawn changes. Download the 3D models here if you’re interested. Please review the build instructions from the Ana-White.com original plans linked above for the order of construction. … Continue reading Dresser Plan

Jelly Cupboard Redux

Since the re-re-relaunch of grvland.com in 2012, the first post “Jelly Cupboard Project” has continually gotten more traffic than any consequent post.  And not just by a little.  Since February 2012, a full 40%+ of all traffic has gone to that single post.  Due to the continuing interest in that project, I decided to write a follow up.  Let’s get started… I chose to make … Continue reading Jelly Cupboard Redux

TV Stand

This piece was created to match the Jelly Cupboard I posted a while ago.  It essentially uses the same plan, but is heavily modified to be wider and deeper.  Basically all the dimensions are completely different, but the structure is about the same.  The only significant structural modification is to the top where several cross braces were added to support the weight of a TV.  … Continue reading TV Stand