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Dresser Plan
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I get many requests for my modifications to Patrick’s Beach Cottage Dresser as shown in this post.  I finally decided to spend some time modeling it in SketchUp so that I wouldn’t have to keep distributing my hand drawn changes. … Read More

Jelly Cupboard Redux
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Since the re-re-relaunch of in 2012, the first post “Jelly Cupboard Project” has continually gotten more traffic than any consequent post.  And not just by a little.  Since February 2012, a full 40%+ of all traffic has gone to … Read More

Play Sink and Range
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My sister mentioned one day that she was looking at a play kitchen set for her kids, but she was slightly put off by the price.  I had gotten Ana White’s book for Christmas and knew it included plans for … Read More

Small side table
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Well it’s been a while since I posted any projects.  I actually did build a few things that we sold at the Spoon River Drive.  I simply did not have enough time to take pictures and post those items, and … Read More

Kitchen Island
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I’ve been pondering building a kitchen island for a couple of years now.  It all started when Megan and I saw a walnut butcher block counter top that had been returned to Lowe’s and was on ‘clearance.’  We liked the … Read More

Bathroom Shelf
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I’m still working on putting the finishing touches on the basement bathroom (no, that does not include a ceiling yet).  There was literally no storage in the bathroom at all.  No shelves, no cabinet, nothing.  No place to store a … Read More

TV Stand
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This piece was created to match the Jelly Cupboard I posted a while ago.  It essentially uses the same plan, but is heavily modified to be wider and deeper.  Basically all the dimensions are completely different, but the structure is … Read More

Dresser Project
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Edit 2015-01-28: Please go here for detailed dimensions, cut list and material list. This was built for a friend who commissioned a dresser.  Once again I found plans online, then modified them to suit what I wanted to build.  It … Read More

New Roof
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Some items on the home improvement list can remain unchecked for only so long.  This is one of those items.  It’s about 4+ years too late, but at least it’s finally done.  I decided to have a professional do this … Read More

Necklace Hanger
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This was a really simple project that Megan requested.  Apparently she needed somewhere to hang her necklaces, who knew?  She bought the pulls, I just mounted them on a scrap 1×6.  I also discovered that I have a keyhole router … Read More

Jelly Cupboard Project
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This inaugural post of the latest incarnation of will feature the construction of “Patrick’s Jelly Cupboard” from  All props go to Patrick and Ana for planning, drawing and constructing this project.  I merely followed their excellent instructions.  The … Read More