Small side table

Well it’s been a while since I posted any projects.  I actually did build a few things that we sold at the Spoon River Drive.  I simply did not have enough time to take pictures and post those items, and they were mostly repeats of things I’ve already posted.  However I did make a new piece that didn’t sell, but ended up in my sister’s house.  My mom wanted it but gave it to my sister, so I made mom another one that is shown here.

The plans are based on this this post on  I omitted the bottom shelf at the request of my sister (the other sister, the one with the booth at Spoon).  I applied the same finish I’ve been using lately which consists of: black walnut Danish oil, shellac seal coat, latex base coat, random paraffin wax, latex top coats, sand back, satin poly.  It’s still a lot of work, but I’m getting faster and the spray gun is getting easier to use.


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