Dresser Plan

I get many requests for my modifications to Patrick’s Beach Cottage Dresser as shown in this post.  I finally decided to spend some time modeling it in SketchUp so that I wouldn’t have to keep distributing my hand drawn changes. Download the 3D models here if you’re interested. Please review the build instructions from the Ana-White.com original plans linked above for the order of construction. … Continue reading Dresser Plan

Jelly Cupboard Redux

Since the re-re-relaunch of grvland.com in 2012, the first post “Jelly Cupboard Project” has continually gotten more traffic than any consequent post.  And not just by a little.  Since February 2012, a full 40%+ of all traffic has gone to that single post.  Due to the continuing interest in that project, I decided to write a follow up.  Let’s get started… I chose to make … Continue reading Jelly Cupboard Redux